Day job

Craig has worked in communications for a decade and a half.

He prides himself on being a creative problem solver who puts customers first.

Craig’s focus is on developing real relationships that allow him to distinguish a customer’s needs from their wants, and deliver simple solutions that work.

Whether operating as a manager or a copywriter, Craig has four tenets for doing good work.

Value customers

Communications is a service provided for customers, typically co-workers and end users. Understand them, care about them, agree an outcome, embrace feedback, and deliver.

Do the essentials well

Make sure what has to be done, like maybe a content schedule or a weekly email, is delivered on time and on budget. Do the little jobs with pride and passion.

Improve and iterate

Identify and fix problems impacting the business. Brainstorm with the right people, make a plan and do the work. Small steps lead to giant leaps.

Do the dishes

Sometimes literally, more often figuratively. Don’t leave your mess for co-workers to clean up.