A few samples of my work, including published books, journalism and shorts.

Mischa Merz

Short documentary, 2010

Profile of champion boxer, author and artist Misch Merz for the Yo Melbourne web series.

Rap artist RAED

RAED – Still Flowin

Short documentary, 2009

Profile of misunderstood and much maligned rapper RAE(to the mo###rfu##en)D for the Yo Melbourne web series.

The Moon

Short story | Lonely Planet, 2010

Only when it was my turn to moon-walk could I fully appreciate how easy Armstrong made it look…

Overtone singers

Short documentary, 2009

A quick tour of Melbourne’s acoustic hotspots with overtone singers Dean Frenkel and Ross McPherson for the Yo Melbourne web series.

Commute – Life

Timelapse, 2010

The city is a lung that sucks us in, holds us down for what seems like an age, before spewing us back from whence we came.

Book | Little Book of Big Aussie Icons

Five Mile Press, 2009

The popular guide to Australia’s BIG things – updated in 2015 by Scott Forbes.

Book | Indian English: Language and Culture

Lonely Planet, 2008

‘Indian English’ is India’s informal and colourful take on the English language…

Book | Captain Cook: Sailing off the map

Walker Books, 2008

The story of Captain Cook who three times sailed off the map in search of new lands.

Book | Mary Bryant: The impossible escape

Walker Books, 2007

The tragic true story of one of the most daring bids for freedom ever attempted.

Where did your puppy come from?

Journalism | Sunday Magazine (Herald Sun), 2011

For six years, Oscar has lived as a stud dog. His entire universe has been a tiny, filthy cage. No walks in the park, no sunlight, he’s never even seen the sky…

Love Thy Neighbour

Journalism | Griffith Review, 2008

Abang’s eyes flash from side to side. He seems rattled, nervous, unsure…

Street art or vandalism?

Journalism | The Age, 2005

Craig Scutt spends a night with a bunch of dudes doing graffiti.