Lucky Ones

Feature | comedy | 50+

A retired Melbourne couple reignite their romance while on the run from a megalomaniac mayor who turns the population of a dying outback town against them.

Developing through Film Victoria’s Catapult Feature Lab 2015.

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Perfect High

Feature | thriller | 18-45 male

When a homeless addict fears his friends are being deliberately overdosed, his disenchanted sister risks everything to uncover a murderous plot to gentrify the city.


TV hour | documentary | 28-39 female

Men share their experiences of trying to have a baby – from the unsexiness of ovary-timed intercourse to how it feels being unable to conceive naturally.

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Quiet House

Feature | horror | 18+

A reunion with her ailing father provides a chance for Elizabeth to combat the demons that have kept her on the run since her teens.


Feature | dark comedy | 28+

When Providence realises she can get away with murder, she makes it her mission to cleanse her community of evildoers.


TV half hour | sci-fi | 8-16 male

When billionaire heir, Charlie, discovers he’s adopted he becomes obsessed with finding his birth mother spawning the wrath of his powerful adopted family.

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Feature | thriller | 28+ male

A former terrorist infiltrator lives the semblance of a normal life until he discovers his wife is having an affair.

Take me with you

Feature | Drama | 14-28 female

Pop megastar Justin discovers there’s more to life than money and fame after a girl who inspires him dies unexpectedly.

The Nepenthe Project

TV hour | Thriller | 30+

A researcher and his project to reduce criminals’ recidivism sparks the ire of unscrupulous prison magnates intent on destroying the project and its creator.